The Perfect Corner RulerTM
The Perfect Corner MethodTM

Making Pieced Corner Triangles PerfectTM


Why It Was Invented

The title of this web-site includes "Perfect Corner Method™" because that is what Ruth [AKA Raggedy Ruth Designs™] developed first when she wrote the pattern "Quilt Of Many Colors" as a block of the month pattern.

Each of the twelve 9” blocks is in a frame that brings the finished block up to 17”. All 12 frames are identical, except  for the fabric. Each frame is made with blocks that have corner triangles. There are 20 corner triangles in each frame. All designed using QuiltPro. In total there are 322 corner triangles in the quilt!

She announced the design as the next Block Of The Month to me, her husband.One of my jobs was writing the "SewSewNews" newsletter. Walla: it was published in the January - February newsletter as the block of the month for 2011.

At this point, Ruth had designed the quilt, but had not yet pieced it. Hmmm! She realized that most quilters can not consistently, if ever, get corner triangles to fill out the block correctly using the common "Sew 'n Flip" method. The problem shows up when the finished block is assembled and the points are cut off and the fabrics do not align. Also, in our area, quilters will not put up with the waste caused by the "Sew 'n Flip" method.

Before she had finished the first frame, she had invented the Perfect Corner Method™.

She quickly decided that a “tool” to speed up the process was need. And, she made one out of template material. We searched the web for tools that would work and could not find any. So, she invented the Perfect Corner Ruler™.

The ruler went through four versions of prototype before we arrived at the final design. We tested it ourselves, and then with shop personnel. We showed it to other quilt professionals, and then with the Quilt Of Many Colors BOM participants. All of this was done under NDA [Non-Disclosure Agreements] as we were not sure what we had.

We manufacture the Perfect Corner Ruler™ from 1/8” acrylic, laser cut to 1/200th inch accuracy. The measuring lines are all in one color to make silk screening accurate. The conversion sizes, that are not used for measuring, are screened in a contrasting color, teal. There is no seam-allowance before the measurements begins and the alignment lines are oriented so that the ruler can stradle the corner of a block.

In showing the Perfect Corner Ruler™ to the vendors at the International Quilt Festival / Cincinnati I was surprised that 100% of them responded very favorably to the Ruler, and one even jumped up and gave me a hug!

We are sure that you will enjoy using the Perfect Corner Ruler™ with all of your corner triangles.