The Perfect Corner RulerTM
The Perfect Corner MethodTM

Making Pieced Corner Triangles PerfectTM


Why It Works!

With the Perfect Corner Method™ and Perfect Corner Ruler™, you are always focusing on the original block and its measurements.

  • You mark the sew line on the base block. The base block is what must be accurate when the block is completed. When you sew on the sew line it can not move around in relation to the base block, because it is on the base block. The "Sew & Flip" method draws it on the corner square which must be accurately alligned with the base and must not move while being sewn.
  • You cut more than enough fabric for the corner triangle to be squared up. There is also enought for the seam allowance to be "eye-balled" at 1/4" or more.
  • The accuracy of the corner triangle does not depend upon the accuracy of the seam allowance, but on the placement of the sew line.
  • You trim the resulting corner and block back to the original size of the block,
  • The second corner triangle can be used for other corners on the project thereby saving fabric for multiple corners or multiple blocks that use the same corner fabric.

There are many more intecracies involved, including variations, which are included with the patent.

Enjoy the Perfect Corner Ruler™!