The Perfect Corner RulerTM
The Perfect Corner MethodTM

Making Pieced Corner Triangles PerfectTM


Tired Of These Problems When Piecing Corner Triangles?

Are you or your customers tired of:

  • Not having enough fabric to fill in the corner
  • Not having your block edges straight
  • Having your points cut off when the blocks are assembled
  • Ending up with different sized finished blocks
  • Wasting a square when a triangle will do
  • Having your corner pulled down into your throat plate
  • And more...?

You Deserve Better ~ Switch To:

The Perfect Corner Ruler™ & Perfect Corner Method™

Are you tired of not quite having enough fabric to fill the corner?

Ever find when you sew on the line at the corner, your machine pulls the corner down into the throat plate eating your fabric? 

Frustrated that  attaching the next piece chops off your points?

Do you like wasting the fabric of both the corners from the block & the corner triangle?

And, how about these:

  • The final block is not the same size as the other blocks?
  • The final block's edges are not straight?
  • The final block is not square?
  • You had to cheat on the seam allowance and it still didn't come out square?

These problems happen when you use the "Sew & Flip" method, or use templates, or just measure and sew.

These problems are not anyone's fault - they are due to the "physics of fabric".