The Perfect Corner RulerTM
The Perfect Corner MethodTM

Making Pieced Corner Triangles PerfectTM


Quilting Instructors

As a quilting instructor you want your students to get the best results possible. Corner triangles are one place where techniques have abounded, but results are difficult to achieve. As a quilter progresses they learn instinctively the right amount of fudge or scant measurement to make the physical impossibility become a workable result. However, when they are starting, this area of inexactness is bothersome. We have also found that advanced quilters, looking for better techniques and easier ways have taken a strong liking to the Perfect Corner Method™ and the Perfect Corner Ruler™.

The Perfect Corner Ruler(TM) and / or the Perfect Corner Method™ can be used to provide the best results a Quilter can obtain and it simplifies the steps. Please make sure you are using it with corner right isosceles triangles [i.e. those with a 45 degree angle or where the two legs are of equal lengths]. Some examples, but not all, are shown in the following diagrams.

Note that these are simple blocks that may become part of a larger block, or a corner of a complex block. The block, which we refer to as a "base unit", can be any shape: square, rectangle, triangular, etc.

These base units can become part of larger, complex blocks as shown in the following diagrams:

Note that the problem of accuracy that the Perfect Corner Method™ addresses may not seem serious at the level of the individual block, but when they are combined the problems become exacerbated. Also, resulting finished blocks may very well end up being different sizes, again causing unwanted chopping.

For conformity in patterns the following references are used:

  • The "Base Unit" is used as a reference to the block onto which the triangular corner is to be attached. This is because although it may be a square or a rectangle [a geometric block], it may also be a triangle or any other shape.

  • The "SL Line Number" is the size of the corner triangle needed. It is used on the Perfect Corner Ruler™ to measure where the sew line is to be drawn on the wrong side of the base unit.

  • The "Corner Square" is the size of the square that the Perfect Corner Ruler™ will indicate as being needed to produce the two corner triangles. This amount is 3/4" more than the SL Line number. Indeed, the Perfect Corner Method™ can be included in patterns without requiring the Perfect Corner Ruler™. The Ruler does make it much easier and faster. but the Quilter can decide to do it without the Ruler. This is why we use the phrase "Made easier with the Perfect Corner Ruler™".

If your are using the Perfect Corner Method™ but not the ruler. please cite Ruthanna Grihalva, Forever In Stitches, LLC. as the inventor/developer of the technique. Also, consider recommending the Perfect Corner Ruler™ for time savings.

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