The Perfect Corner RulerTM
The Perfect Corner MethodTM

Making Pieced Corner Triangles PerfectTM


Raggedy Ruth Designs™ Patterns

Any "Sew 'n Flip" pattern can easily be used with the ruler. Template and paper piecing patterns that use corner triangles can also use the ruler.

Raggedy Ruth Designs™, who invented the ruler, also has many patterns written expressly for the Perfect Corner Ruler™. Some are listed and shown below. They can be viewed by Clicking Here

The example patterns are [from left to right]:

  • Log Cabin Tulip Runner [corner triangles on log cabins],
  • Frame A Large Print [corner triangles on the borders],
  • I Pledge Allegiance [square in a square & flying geese],
  • Quilt of Many Colors [variety], and
  • Bow Tie's Star [snowballs].

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